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   Maanshan Zhongtai Mechanigal razor blade Co.,LTD . is a professional production machinery industry razor blades thick with both bent and digital key components of national enterprises, companies rely on the multi-year professional knife-making and the manufacture of components experience with the different needs of customers with the best quality of razor blades, heads to meet customer needs, China and Thailand card cutlery widely used for printing, paper, aluminum foil, metal-film, tobacco, packaging materials, electronics, light industry, food, BOPP, steel metallurgy, power, electrical, shipbuilding, leather, rubber, chemical fiber, Boqian, textiles, stationery, plastics, animal feed, paper management, cartons, carpentry, forestry processing units building, razor blades sell to distant places Europe and the United States and Southeast Asia.

  Companies located in the famous steel city Maanshan City, and its rich steel resources for the development of our company provides exceptional advantages. Companies using modern enterprise management model, based on new product development and quality management, with its excellent quality, innovative design, reasonable prices, improve after-sale services have won the full confidence of customers and praise. Anhui company was rated well-known trade mark, Anhui Province brand names, Anhui Province to the contract, to keep trust units, the national user satisfaction with the quality of products and after-sale satisfaction with the demonstration unit, excellent quality at the Chinese brand and the Chinese market recognized best-selling brand, Honor.

  Materials that : choice of quality steel imports, Tanhuawu, high-speed steel, alloy tool steel, SKH51, SKD11, SKS7, SK2, Cr12Mov, H13, 9CrSi, 6CrW2Si, W6Mo5Cr4V2, YG8, YT15, P20, K30 for customer ordering, and spectrometer testing materials.

  Heat treatment that : choose Germany Ferotec large diameter vacuum hardening furnace company, heat treatment uniform, cutlery hardness in HRC63-65.

  Fine assurance : to ensure the use of all kinds of precision mechanical processing facility, using German-made super-precision grinder to processing to achieve precision razor blades 0.002-0.005.

  Quality durability : in the management, we introduced ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification, and quality of three to provide quality products to meet customer needs is the goal pursued by China and Thailand were eternal, but also the advance of China and Thailand were guaranteed.
China and Thailand product excellence, China and Thailand will continue to explore and innovate, and work together in good faith and friends, common development, warmly welcomes customers to visit our company and guidance.

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