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  ●Mechanical bit
  ●Circular shear blade
  ●Plate cutter bit
  ●Knee bend machine mold
  ●Plastic mechanical bit
  ●Minute strip machine bit
  ●Metallurgy mechanical bit
  ●Paper industry bit
  ●Food mechanical bit
  ●Forestry mechanical bit
  ●Ultra thin type heterogeneous
  ●Printing mechanism bit
Meets the user need, makes the famous product, sets up the brand strategy, altogether models the happy image

   The company will start an undertaking throughout, safeguards ones heritage, is professional took the enterprise the development objective, the entire production, the sale, the supervisory work all enter to these six characters policy in, formed the full of vigor and vitality enterprise to develop the atmosphere.
   The company receives creates the famous brand goods, creates the high-quality service the management idea, was determined take the solid technical strength, the reliable product quality, the quick service system, provides the omni-directional service as the user, by wins the user communities the faith and the support.
   Customers need is this companys work direction and advances boldly the goal, we can provide the high quality product and the fruitful service anytime and anywhere to the customer, accepts each kind of opinion, the suggestion and the suit sincerely, establishes the reliable harmonious trust cooperation relations with the customer.
   The company unifies the quality control authentication system the establishment, set up a set pre-sale take the customer as the center, has sold, the post-sale service system.
   Before-sales service: The market information and the demand prompt feedback for the sale, the research and development department, takes one of new product research and development bases And promptly accurately provides the new product and other each kind of product related information to the customer, the enthusiasm receives all to come the electricity, the incoming letter, the visit customer, and introduced devotedly the product the model, the characteristic, the performance, understood the customer demand, and gives to satisfy with utmost effort.
   Sells serves: After receives the order form positively to prepare goods, and defers to the delivery date which the contract stipulated in the first time to handle delivers goods the item.
   Post-sale service: Accepts the customer suit, and based on the customer opinion, the suggestion makes prompt processing. Every because of the product quality question, the customer request will return, the company unconditionally will handle exchanges goods, the returned goods.

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